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Adding an administrator to a Domain?

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  • Adding an administrator to a Domain?

    Ok I thought about this for a while and I might have a solution using most of what is here

    Reasoning for wanting to do this. I thought of 3 cases this may be nessisary.
    1.) Hacker gets in and wants to make things difficult.
    2.) Sysadmin dies and no records of password for administrative accounts for small company
    3.) Disgruntled employee has admin account and wants to screw things up.

    Note to people:
    At least in New Mexico it is illeagle to access computers unless you have permission by the owner. (Sys Admins have the owners permission to grant others access)
    And in case 3 above you are setting yourself up for one hell of a law suit.
    Luckily there are cunsultants like me to help those busnesses. (could be the business deserved it but it is still illeagle)

    As a consultant I can see myself running into the following situations so I want to combat them before I run into them.

    Given case
    Windows 2003 domain.
    Domain Administrator account is disabled.
    unknown Administrator accounts.
    Is it also possable to remove the Administrator account form a Domain Admin?
    Is it also possable to change the Domain Admin group's name?

    Ok using the above link I would do all the same up to
    adding the 2 entries to the Parameters key I'm thinking I would need to add more.
    I can use /active:yes to activate the Administrator account. If you can't remove Administrator from Domain Admins this is a fix all else I need to find more "net" commands. I'm thinking "net group" and now im wondering if someone can change the name of the Domain Admin group.

    This is the only websight I found that addresses this issue. This brings a great relief to me because I was always worried about running into this situation.

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    Re: Adding an administrator to a Domain?

    I'm wondering why you can't use the 2003 method with 2000
    If it is because of the SRVANY doesn't work with 2000 I could write a cygwin program that will work in any.