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Installing Client Access Licences for Server 2003

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  • Installing Client Access Licences for Server 2003


    I have a Windows Server 2003 Domain running in native mode. All MS updates and Service packs have been applied to all Servers.

    I have a very simple goal. I am trying to add a new Client Access License to one of the Domain Controllers. We installed the Server using the "Per Device or Per User Allocated" option. We then purchased the appropriate number of CALs for our site. I just want to enter the quantity of CALs that we purchased using the "Licensing" applet under Administrative Tools.

    The Licensing Applet opens and displays that it has "Allocated" 889 licences. However, there are 0 "Purchased."

    I click on the "new client access license" icon. I choose "Windows Server" from the drop down list. I have entered 895 in the quantity (number of CALs we purchased). When I click "OK," I get the message: "You do not have the appropriate access privileges to complete this operation."

    I am a Domain Administrator. I even tried adding myself to the Enterprise Admins and I still get the same message.

    Do the credientials of the person who added the Server to the Domain or promote to a DC have to be used? I'm lost. Do I need to install the CALs on only one Server or every Server?

    Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


    Chris Webb
    Lexington, KY