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Sharing a printer?!

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  • Sharing a printer?!

    Shared the printer, but when I am trying to access to shared resouece I am being prompt to provide the guest account password, never happened to me... any help?

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    Re: Sharing a printer?!

    Can we have a few details about your setup?
    XP, WIN2000, etc...?
    domain, workgroup?
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      Re: Sharing a printer?!

      workgroud, workstation running windows XP..


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        Re: Sharing a printer?!

        Originally posted by lirank
        workgroud, workstation running windows XP..
        Please, so much information, where do I start.

        When you were asked for a few details, it really didn't mean only 2. So, how about some details about your setup?

        Forum Rules - Please read.

        This is Section 4.
        Carefully write your question, provide all the necessary information, spell-check it (if possible), and preview it before posting

        Know how to ask the question. For example, a question like

        Please help me, I cannot log in, I need to log in now, what do I do?

        will also receive idiotic answers or no answers at all. And if someone did want to try to answer, they'd need to ask for more information, which in turn will cause you to come back and explain yourself, thus lengthening the answering process.

        For example, tell us about

        - What Operating System and Service Pack level are you using?
        - Are you in a Workgroup or in an Active Directory domain environment?
        - What are you trying to do?
        - Why are you trying to do it?
        - What did you try already, why, and what was the result of your actions?
        - What was the exact error message that you received?
        - What does the Event Log say?
        - Are there any hardware restrictions we should know of (i.e. no floppy, no CD, etc.)
        - Do you have current backups? Why not?
        - Network setup issues, DNS, IP addresses etc.
        - Firewalls blocking connections, anything we should know?
        - Any other information you think we might need in order to help you.
        You are very lucky I saw this before Daniel or you would be having a 2 week break. Post the required info and we may be able to help you with YOUR problem.
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          Re: Sharing a printer?!

          Sounds like a permissions problem. As the PC's apparently are in a workgroup, what are the permissions on the shared printer? Do you have same user accounts with same usernames and passwords on each machine? As Biggles said, more informtaion wouod be great.