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Forest trusts and administrator password

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  • Forest trusts and administrator password


    Just been messing around with Forest Trusts (For about 2 hours) and there is something wierd that I have noticed and wondered if anyone can shed some light.


    2 x windows 2003 SP1. DFL and FFL are both Windows Server 2003. I have two domains ( and Conditional forwards have been setup for the DNS names and and DNS is working fine according after testing with nslookup.


    I have different administrator passwords for the two domains and when I go to create a forst trust from to I get an RPC error. If I create the trust the other way it works fine (Well I assume it does, I just dont ger the error and it allows me to select forest trust.

    After a bit of searching I found out that if you change both administrator passwords to be the same then the trust works fine, Tested this and it did work fine. I found a few articles relating to this but it was manly refering to a problem with VM ware.

    In the real worls I doubt two domains would have the same administrator password and depending on the type of trust chances are admins from both domains could configure the trusts individually.

    Anyone got any explanation whyit works like this?


    Michael Armstrong
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