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Changing Domain of an Organisation !

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  • Changing Domain of an Organisation !

    I administer a Domain with 150 clients, most of them are running windows 98, first edition and second edition, the other PC's are running Windows XP Pro sp2.
    The domain is a Windows Server 2003 running Exchange 2003 and ISA Server 2004 (all latest updates and SP's), all clients (98 & XP) are logon to this domain.
    I'm intend of adding a new machine which will run windows server 2003 & MS Exchange 2003, which will be a new DC and I want all the clients to login to this new DC.
    The old DC will run only the ISA server and will act as a member server on the organization.
    I want to make the change of the domain as simple as possible.
    At the moment, all I know is that I have to go, PC after PC and make some changes, if I want to login to a new domain I need to:
    1. Change to the new domain at the client.
    2. Change a registry key at the client machine to go back to the old profile and data stored in the "My documents" folder.
    3. Install network printers.

    My question is:
    Is there any way that I can move all clients running windows XP to the new domain by saving all configuration and data as it is to this moment at a single click or command ? (The users must not feel that there is a new domain as possible and work normally as nothing hapends in the network, the day after).

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    Re: Changing Domain of an Organisation !

    Why are you going to create a whole new domain and exchange?

    Why not add the new DC to the domain, install exchange, move mailboxes, move all the FMSO roles of the forest and demote the first dc... this process is very simplified but will work. If you use DHCP then you can migrate the DHCP server and change the DNS settings to suite.
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