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Default tray on networked printer

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  • Default tray on networked printer

    Howdy peeps

    Got a question about sending jobs to a networked printer, I hope someone can help me!

    Basically we've got a networked HP 2300n configured with a static IP, that clients in two different areas can print to. What I'd like to be able to do is configure the printer to print out from different trays dependent on where the job originates (eg: a job from the legal department prints out on headed paper from tray 2, a job from the accounts department prints out plain from tray 1).

    Both the apps that the clients will print from do not enable me to configure trays from them - is there any way I can set up something on the printer properties that will permit it? Its only a temporary fix, but it would be a great help to be able to do it for the month or so we'll be without the dedicated printer for the other department.


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    Can you set a default setting for this specific printer via the driver? Most support the ability to edit the default properties in the printer properties. If so, set tray 2 as the default paper source for machines in the legal dept.

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