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DNS issue with 2nd NIC published to 1st NIC network

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  • DNS issue with 2nd NIC published to 1st NIC network

    Hi folks,
    Checking in from New Zealand.

    I've got something I'm trying to sort out. It must be a common issue, as it's a common setup... yet I've not managed to find anything on it.

    Here's the details of the issue from the IT guy that set this up and wants to sort it out:

    We have two Windows 2000 domain controllers and two Windows 2003 domain controllers with two NIC’s each connecting to the public LAN and the Backup network.
    All of the NIC’s on all of the servers are configured to use DNS servers on the LAN side using themselves as the primary.
    All of the DNS servers are configured to operate on the LAN interface and DNS is active directory integrated so all servers resolve the same records.
    Only the LAN Nics are configured to “register this connection with DNS”

    The problem we have is that on the two Windows 2000 server both the LAN and Backup network IP’s have their IP’s recorded against the domain A record, while only the LAN IP is registered against the server A record as configured

    On the two Windows 2003 servers only the LAN IP addresses are registered to DNS for the server A record and domain SOA and SRV records.

    The issue we have is that when clients are resolving the location of the domain servers during machine login there is a high chance that DNS will return one of the non-routable backup LAN domain records which leads to slow logins and in some cases scripts not running.

    I have deleted these records numerous times but the are promptly reregistered.


    With thanks,

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