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Connect Windows XP to internet over Windows 2003 gate

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  • Connect Windows XP to internet over Windows 2003 gate

    I have a laptop with Windows XP Pro and a desktop PC with Windows 2003 EE on it. I setup domain server, dns server. The dektop PC has knowledge of laptop and vice versa, so there is no problem with LAN. But when I connect desktop PC on the internet over ADSL modem the laptop can't access internet ...
    What's the problem, how to fix it?

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    Check that you have assigned the correct Default Gateway in DHCP. I have assumed you have the laptop running off a dynamic IP and not a static one.
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      connect windows xp over win2003 gateway

      Listen make sure u have nat enabled on ure server and then on ure xp machine (labtop) specify under tcp/ip the default gateway of your server.
      This should if i am correct give your labtop internet access by means of nat. Also can u explain what all the componets are in your network ex:router, switch, ect wct ect......