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problem with dns in windows 2003 SBS

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  • problem with dns in windows 2003 SBS

    Got a dns problem. _msdtc is corrupt in dns server.

    It is an AD integrated zone. and exchange outlook accounts. If I delete the forward lookup zone and recreate the zone with same domain, will it affect the outlook exchange an dlogin account account for all the users in the network.
    Will affect any other applications in the client machine or server.
    I just need to make sure that it will work fine with the existing network.
    What needs to be backed up, if the dns doesnot work.

    Thanks Rsin
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    Re: problem with dns in windows 2003 SBS

    What are the errors indicating that it's corrupt?

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      Re: problem with dns in windows 2003 SBS

      Regarding to backup, AD integrated zones are stored in AD, so if you backup the System state on your domain controller it is enough.
      did you try to run netdiag? If not install the Support Tools and run it.
      First, just in testing mode netdiag /test:dns. See the reported errors.
      netdiag /fix will try to fix trivial issues.
      Let me know your feedback.
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        Re: problem with dns in windows 2003 SBS

        There is no problem in deleteing and recreating the domain zone in SBS (it's the same as W2003 BTW). Just remember to recreate the "special" records like companyweb and publishing etc.

        And make it AD integrated of course...

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