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SBS 2003 resetting Admin password

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  • SBS 2003 resetting Admin password

    A new client of mine, a retirement home, doesn't know their own domain admin password for their SBS 2003 server. They blindly trusted their support company to handle everything and never kept copies of passwords or recovery disks or anything.

    The support company is now tango uniform. The admin they had is off to India. The password is nowhere to be found.

    I downloaded Petter Hagen's bootable CD for 2003. I reset the local administrator password and rebooted the SBS 2003 into Directory Services Recovery mode. I confidently pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del and typed in administrator and the blank password I had just smartly replaced and went to select the local machine.....uuuggghhhh!!!!

    The local machine is not an option. With Petter Hagen's disk, I am able to muck with the local registry but am less than comfortable with doing so. Mostly because I don't know the exact key to possibly change to allow local logon selection - if I can do that from there at all!!!

    Now, it looks like my first day on the job with this new client is going to be my last. Any suggestions??? There are no other domain admin level accounts to be found.


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    Re: SBS 2003 resetting Admin password

    If you are posting here then you are quite close!
    but remember it is an AD password you need - NOT the local SAM password as there isn't one in SBS.

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      Re: SBS 2003 resetting Admin password

      Ya Teiger, close to pulling my hair out and banging my useless brain on the floor until they take me away. But thanks for the encouragement


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        Re: SBS 2003 resetting Admin password

        Did you ever get this problem resolved? Im in the same boat. Somehow the admin password got changed and no one else know what it is or has admin rights to fix it