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  • Help SBS 2003 / Existing network

    Hi everybody

    I have an existing network with 2 win 2K servers in the same AD
    I also have NT 4 server + Exchang 5.5 in it's own domain, but on the same network
    I would like to upgrade NT4+exchange to SBS2003 and keep only one domain at the end.

    I've tried to install SBS2003 on test network in a w2K/AD environnement, so i've upgrade schema of w2k servers (adprep /forest & domainprep). during sbs install, after first pass, i've use dcpromo to install sbs in existing AD, and transfert all roles to sbs2003 as described in electronic documentation). then, i've continued installation of sbs2003.
    all seem ok, but i receive variuos messages, fax doesn't work (i've no rights on it)....
    i don't know what to do, i don't know if my solution is a good one... or if it's possible !!
    if anyone can help me...

    ps: osrry for my bad english !

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    SBS really, really, really wants to be the first server in the AD domain. I've read numerous ways of trying to get around it, but almost everyone ends up saying it's better to install SBS into it's own domain and use the migration tools to move everything over.