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SBS 2003 - several issues

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  • SBS 2003 - several issues

    1) I ended having to rename the server/dc (and living dangerously) as time was of the essence and I had no time to do this the right way. It seems to have gone well with one problem. The SQL service will not start and it does not see this server as a SQL server (it still sees the old name) when I try to manually start it. As such, Sharepoint won't run either. I think that once I get SQL to start, Sharepoint will take care of itself as the files are there.

    2) Remote XP Home/Media clients can VPN in and access local shares. They can't access shares on other PC, i.e. browse the network. I set up the WINS server on the VPN and DHCP and WINS has the names present. It will open a window for the other PCs but display nothing, i.e. no shares at all.