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Web Hosting on my SBS2003 Server

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  • Web Hosting on my SBS2003 Server

    Hi All,

    I am delving into the world of SBS and would really appreciate some assistance.
    I have a computer with SBS2003 installed.
    I have successfully configured POP3 manager and running exchange.

    I have a registered domain name of

    Can someone out there please spend a little time with a rookie to help configure my SBS 2003 server to host my web page for

    Things I have done:

    1. I went to and looked through some forum posts but they all refer to the articles that you need to subscribe to view the
    m. $70US for 3mths is a little to expensive in my opinion.

    2. I have read through some articles on, particularly from Thomas Shinder but they are all quiet advanced and I am looking for some entry-level help.

    3. Also searched through google but most links lead back to Microsoft and there info is hopeless.

    I am hoping for a friendly soul to be my SBS2003 mentor and help me through
    this process.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Web Hosting on my SBS2003 Server

    Follow Up:

    I have created 2 public name servers using and applied my static IP.
    I have also set the 2 name servers created with into my domain

    Am I on the right track?
    If so, what is my next step?
    Should I be looking at setting my own DNS server instead of using the public scenario?

    Please Help



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      Re: Web Hosting on my SBS2003 Server

      The right track? Not sure where you're going yet.
      What is your goal? Setting up the website or routing traffic to it?

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        Re: Web Hosting on my SBS2003 Server


        On SBS:
        Install IIS (probably done by default unless you have a very wierd setup)
        Replace default.htm with your home page
        Add other pages

        On Router (assuming routed ADSL or cable):
        Forward port 80 (and 443 for HTTPS) to the Server IP address

        Where your domain is hosted:
        Create A records for and pointing to your static IP

        Thats about it....

        Tom Jones
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          Re: Web Hosting on my SBS2003 Server

          Time to put the record on:

          Run the CEICW. (/record off) On the question about Firewall say yes I want to enable the firewall and on the options (amongst others you require) select Use Business Card Website. This will publish your website through the name you gave as the Self-Certified Certificate (also part of the same wizard).
          Be aware that SBS limits you by default to a home page and one level down. You will have to go in to ISA and tell it to publish all the pages you want. (<FQDN>/* or* in your case.)
          Why does it do that? Because the SBS team doesn't think you should really be publishing a public web site on your domain controller. If you intend to drive a lot of traffic to your website, then a $5-20/mth hosting solution is probably a better bet. Having said that, I run my web site on my SBS and, tfuh, tfuh - fingers crossed - haven't found any hassles with it yet. Then again, I don't get quite as many hits as either! A case of you pays your money, you takes your choice!
          And a word of warning - and Tom Shinder are excellent sites and people with a wealth of knowledge, but not very SBS friendly.

          Steven Teiger [SBS-MVP(2003-2009)]

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