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  • DNS question

    I am trying to set up a windows server at work. It can be an SBS 2003 or a w2k3 server. The server will be the only one in its domain. The server will connect to the PCs via a Nortel switch. There are already a w2k3 server on the switch and a Novell Netware 6.5 server on the switch. The w2k3 server already on the switch is a classic configuration in which the w2k3 server contains 2 NICs and serves IPs thru DHCP. On this w2k3 server one NIC is local with 5 PCs on a small switch and the other NIC goes to the internet thru the Nortel switch. Unfortunately this is not the case for my server because all the rest of the PCs are scattered around the office with their cable drops terminating at the Nortel switch. So the only pace I can reach all the PCs is to place the server on the Nortel switch.

    In all of the win server books I've read the dns of the server is supposed to point to itself, the server dns is supposed to resolved domain addesses and forward everything it cannot resolve to the external dns's. How can I do this when everything ends at the Nortel switch? On the Nortel switch the server and the PCs are peers in that they all have common access to the internet.

    I tried to simulate the problem at home with my dsl line. My dsl goes to a Dlink router which goes to two PCs. I used the dns's supplied by Verizon, my dsl provider and everything worked fine. I put up an sbs 2003 server. I connected it to the Dlink router just like the PCs. (or just like the PCs and the server at work where everything connects at the Nortel switch). For my PC I put the dns of the server as my dns. At the server I forwarded unresolved addresses to the external dns's. The server saw the internet just fine. The pc could not see the internet. The PC could ping the domain controller but I could not join the domain. And I could not complete Http://servername/ConnectComputer.

    The use of a single NIC connecting the server to the switch has to be pretty common. The only solution I can see for my home test is to point to the external dns's on my PC and use Host and LMHost files on the PC. At work I guess I can submit my domain info to the guys who control the DNS that is at the other end of the Nortel switch.

    I have to be missing something obvious here.

    Does anyone have any comments??? Please.

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    Re: DNS question

    Please do not double post again. Thank you.
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      Re: DNS question

      Sorry about the double post.

      I thought the question was applicable to both forums, but I won't double-post again.


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        Re: DNS question

        Hi danmaday,

        When you first setup your DNS Configurations for your Domain do these steps:

        1. Configure the IP Address of the Server.
        2. Point the DNS Server to itself.
        3. TCP/IP ---> Properties ---> Advanced ---> DNS Tab, and ensure that the Register this Connnection Address in DNS and in the DNS Suffix for this connection Type in your Domain Name.
        4. In the WINS Tab, Disable the LMHOSTS Lookup and Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. O.K, O.K, OK.
        5. make sure that for this DNS Server the ICS and ICF are disabled.

        6.Install the DNS Services.
        7. Configure the Primary Forward Lookup Zone
        8. Create a PRT Record to point to itself.
        9. Configure the Primary Reserve Lookup Zone.
        10. Add the PTR Record for the DNS.
        11. Run NSLOOKUP, try to resolve it's name to IP and IP to Name and do the same for other hosts that available in your network.

        12. Once done, go to the Forwarder Tab and type in your DNS ISP Address over there.
        14.Point yout clinet to the Internal DNS Server to forward thier request to the DNS Server and then the DNS will forward to your DNS ISP.

        If you have any further questtion, please don't hesistate.

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