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Think I am Getting Hacked HELP!!!

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  • Think I am Getting Hacked HELP!!!

    Recently we had a large isp bill and were being blacklisted, I found some viruses on client machines and thought they were the cause.

    As after the viruses were removed I was still getting blacklisted I decided to run Lanspy to check out the traffic on the server. Lanspy showed traffic from ( and on the network with port 80 and 21 in use.

    The server is an SBS 2003 server using 2 nic's and running the built in firewall, the server is also behind a Nat firewall with ports 25/110/80/443/1723/3389.4125 port forwarded to the server,

    I don't think the traffic above should be on the server I just don't know how to stop it and secure the server.

    Any help you can offer me to fix this ASAP would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Think I am Getting Hacked HELP!!!

    Wullie, I think this may be better in the SBS Forum. What do you think?
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      Re: Think I am Getting Hacked HELP!!!

      It sure looks like it.

      have you actually checked DNS for those names?/

      Both seem to be ads servers.
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