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Installing MS Exchange 2003

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  • Installing MS Exchange 2003


    I have a brand new Windows Small Business Server 2003 from Dell.

    Its currently acting as a print server and a file server.

    I want to also use it as an email server using Exchange 2003 but have no idea where to start. I need to install Active Directory and DNS server etc. I have tried to setup the network on an active directory before but had problems (when the users computer turned off and rebooted, they couldnt connect to the domain and logon etc).

    Can anyone provide me with a complete step-by-step guide for installing each required thing for Exchange 2003 including DNS server, Active Directory etc...

    Also, the following are my network setup:

    I have a web hosting account running cpanel from catalyst2. I have one domain ( attached to this web hosting account. All emails are currently setup by this hosting account and people access it via POP3. I have FULL DNS control over my domain.

    At the office I have a Netgear Router/ADSL connection. I presume I want the DNS server to be which is the Netgear Router? All the client PCs DNS server is set to - server IP address is and - I have 2 gigbit NICs i dont know if 2 are required??

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for this massive venture for me? I have fairly good networking/server knowledge but havnt ever messed about with AD etc

    Thanks all

    EDIT: Also, the router assigns static IP addresses to the clients/servers/print servers - I have setup the router to assign static IP based on their MAC address, all the clients/servers are set to automatically get IP address.

    EDIT: I also read "If this server needs to resolve names on the Internet, it should have a forwarder configured." from the setup of a DNS server guide. This server needs to resolve names i presume? So I would need a forwarder?
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    Re: Installing MS Exchange 2003

    Ok - I now have AD installed.

    Cant find a guide anywhere about Exchange, looked at the how-to's they are just about upgrading.

    Any about starting from scratch?

    Thanks all


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      Re: Installing MS Exchange 2003

      Just recently went through my first custom Exchange install, configuration, etc..

      Bottom line I found to be true is that there is nothing out there that will clearly give you a step-by-step that will always work perfectly for your situation. There are just too many factors at play.

      After frustration, fear, etc. what I finally did was just drop the CD in and begin the install. (OF COURSE I BACKED UP, IMAGED, ETC.) On this site and many others, I found a lot of information that helped me along the way, but when one set of instructions failed at some point, I found another site that worked from there or did exactly as you are doing... post on forums.

      It sounds like you are learning on a production server.. if that is the case, I highly suggest you figure it out in a test-bed first. If you don't, then you have some serious BLLZ!

      Oh, and don't forget to document EVERYTHING you do or try to do - INVALUABLE for fixing mess-ups or learning from at a later date!!!!!!


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        Re: Installing MS Exchange 2003


        I wont be working on a produciton server, a new server has been ordered to fulfil these tasks.

        Thanks for your help btw, im thinking of buying a book.

        Do you think this will contain all i need to know?




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          Re: Installing MS Exchange 2003

          There are several confusing items in this thread. You cannot have an SBS 2003 server (from dell or anyone else) acting as a F&P server without being a Domain Controller, DC, (and therefore, with Active Directory). There is a service called SBCore which after 14 or 30 days, starts shutting down the server every hour and a message in the Event Viewer saying it must be promoted to a DC.
          If you did sewt it up without Exchange, then the best way to and Exchange would be to run the Integrated SBS Setup and add in (Install) Exchange.
          If you want to upgrade the existing server to full SBS run the Integrated Setup. If you want to upgrade to a new server, then buy and use the procedure available from - it's better and more useful than any Exchange book. Migration installation etc can be googled.

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