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Auto-started Services Not Running

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  • Auto-started Services Not Running


    On one of my servers I have the following services that do not auto-start and run:-

    HP Insight Event Notifier
    Service Dispspec
    Kerberos Key Transaction Coordinator
    Network Messenger
    Distributed File Notification Server

    To troubleshoot so far I have tried to start the services manually and applied all the latest service packs. This did help as the volume shadow copy would not start before applying the service packs.

    These 5 have been doing this for a while without causing any problems to the functionality of the server it just bugs me that they don't work.

    In this network I have only one server, an SBS 2003 server now running W2003SR1, SBS Sr1, Exchange Sr2 and all other available security updates from MS Windows Update site. Hardware is a HP ML350 3 Ghz Xeon with 512 Mb of memory.

    Any hints on these services would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get rid of these error reports.



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    Re: Auto-started Services Not Running

    HP Insight Event Notifier is definitely 3rd party and tied to the HP Insight Management Agents for Compaq/HP hardware.

    The other services are native OS services although I don't recall what Distributed File Notification Server is.

    When a service fails to start, an event log entry will be written to the System event log. Examine that log for details. If you wouldn't mind, tell us what the log entries say when you try to start each of these services and they don't start.

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      Re: Auto-started Services Not Running

      Hi Jason,

      When I started the services the Hp Insight Event Notifier started without issue, Distributed File Notification Server could not start and Service Dispspec could not start either.

      In events the distributed file server reported that the it could not find the path specified and Service Dispspec could not find the file specified??.

      Disbuted File Notification Server is used is described as

      Provides several COM server interfaces that allow event publication, event subscription and enumeration of events.

      Service Dispspec is described as

      Windows service for the others tools

      The lack of either service on the server doesn't seem to have affected performance but both are set to start automatically by default and show up in my logs regularly so I wasn't sure what to do about them?.

      If they are unnecessary in a single server environment I would be happy to diable them, but I would like to know what they did exactly and repercussions from disabling them permanently.