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Problem With Backup Exchange

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  • Problem With Backup Exchange

    Hi everyone!

    My problem is the follow:

    I have a IBM X236 server with Win 2000 SBS SP4 installed on it and BackupExec 10d for backup. The Exchange database is 11.3 GB.
    3 days ago, i found that the backup stops at 1.8 GB of the exchange database and at this point it start to create E00***.log files until there is no more space and the stores is dismounted because lack of space.
    I even try to backup on "backup folders" instead of tape but nothing changes.
    reinstalling backupExec, didn't help. (flush log option is on).
    What can be the problem? Please HELP ME!

    Thank you

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    Re: Problem With Backup Exchange

    Hi balluche!

    It seems to me that one of your hard drives on the exchange server are full.
    A drive that holdes the databases and the transactins logs shall NEVER be full or are in the risk zone.
    You have to prevent that.

    Have you checked how much space there are left?

    / Zeb.


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      Re: Problem With Backup Exchange

      An order to perform online backup, the database should be mounted. So you have to free up some space.

      Do one of the other partitions have enough free space to temporary accommodate transaction log files?
      If yes, move the log files (see my screen capture), mount the database, perform a full backup and point the log files back to there original location.

      Based on Microsoft recommendation, transaction log files should be hosted by a different drive. It will improve the performance and fault tolerance.
      For more details, see the Exchange server 2003 Administration Guide.
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        Re: Problem With Backup Exchange

        Are you performing a Virus scan as a prelude to the Exchange backup? Are you scanning the Exchange Database files at this time?
        An incorrect virus scan would be registered as mail activity causing your transaction logs to grow at at enourmous rate and filling your disk.
        Try cancelling any file system virus scans of the Exchange directories and run an NTBackup job to test.

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          Re: Problem With Backup Exchange

          Thank you all for the quick respond.

          The thing is that i have about 6GB of free space in the disk but when i start to backup, more and more E00*.log is created (by dozens and dozens) until the disk is full and then the store is dismounted. it will happen even if i had 20 GB of free space.


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            Re: Problem With Backup Exchange

            Thank you Teiger.

            That was the answer to my problem. Bless you

            I always excluded the exchange from being scanned by SAV but somehow the V in the "exclude folders" was off.

            Thank you again.