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Remote Desktop Connection Issue

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  • Remote Desktop Connection Issue


    Recently I installed an additional SBS2003 server. One of the clients on the network when connecting with Remote Desktop types incorrect letters.

    Logging on is impossible as the letters for the password come out wrong, I type "password" and it comes out looking like "eiudaedg" so therefore I can't log on.

    Other client computers on the network don't experience the problem so I think it may be on the Windows XP side of things?.

    Locally the computer is using the US keyboard layout, I can't think of any other reason this would happen. Has anyone come across this problem before??.


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    Re: Remote Desktop Connection Issue

    This can happen if you're using a language or keyboard layout that is different than the target computer.

    i.e. Target computer is English you're using German.
    i.e. Target computer is QWERTY you're DVORAK.

    The solution is to make sure that both computers have the same keyboard layout and in the case of the language that both have the language available so you can switch to the same one.

    Is this your problem?

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      Re: Remote Desktop Connection Issue

      Thanks Andrew,

      The problem was related to Regional Options and Controls. Although I had the client computer defaulted to use the Australian (US Keyboard) it still didn't work. In the end I had to remove all additional languages (there were a few) and this successfully defaulted te keyboard to QWERTY for me.

      Thanks Again,