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Open shares on sbs2003 server

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  • Open shares on sbs2003 server

    Why are there open shares on the sbs2003 server and how
    can I get rid of them so users don't delete anything by
    Here's the shares I see through network places on the server:
    address, clientapps, clients, faxclient, netlogon, sysvol, tsclient, tsweb, users, scheduled task

    Please advise,

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    Re: Open shares on sbs2003 server

    this shares was created by the operating system during the installation.

    by default the operating system sets permssions that disables delete or change of this shares by regular users.

    this shares are used for shared fax, installing of apps during and after joining to the domain, logon scrips, ad replication, etc.

    dont disable or delete them.
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      Re: Open shares on sbs2003 server

      If you are asking this type of question, then it would appear you don't have that much experience of Windows Server System Administration. While that is OK as many of us have to start somewhere, I suggest you find a local consultant who is familiar with SBS (and I stress familiar with SBS) to help you out - even only occasionally. Although SBS is not that complicated itis, however a complex ( subtle difference) suite of server programs, whereby one item can severely affect another.
      While partnering with a consultant, make it plain to him/her that you want to learn the system as you go along. I'm sure you will find many who are more than willing to take you on and help.
      There is the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation (of which I just happen to be the first in Israel !!) which can help you choose the correct consultant and on the Microsoft site there is an SBSC locator if you are in the USA.

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