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Why canít I see our web site?

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  • Why canít I see our web site?

    Same title as another thread but I believe itís a different problem.

    We are running SBS2003 with an internal domain of Our external domain of same name is hosted by our ISP(1) but with nothing on it.

    Our web site of is hosted by ISP(2) and we have requested ISP(1) to point to web site at ISP(2).

    Originally, our problem was that we could not access our web site from within the office as I assume the server was simplistically saying found it internally therefore no point looking externally! Consequently, I made an adjustment on the server to point externally. This worked for a while but we are now having the same problem.

    Two questions:

    Does anyone know what our problem is?

    Does anyone know here I could have made that change as I can no longer find it and I want to check the settings?



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    Re: Why canít I see our web site?

    The problem is that your DNS is looking fo rthe IP address of your website locally as it is authorative for your domain name.

    To get round this you will need to add a host record to your dns server that points to the IP Address of your external website.
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      Re: Why canít I see our web site?

      I think that's what I did last time but I can not find where the change was made. It all seemed logical at the time!!

      Can you point me in the right direction?


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        Re: Why canít I see our web site?

        In your DNS management console go to your forward lookup zone for

        Right click on the zone and select New Host (A)
        In the name portion put www
        In the IP address put External Address of your www server.