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SBS 2003 client loses domain membership

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  • SBS 2003 client loses domain membership

    A strange problem that I've seen before, SBS 2003 client PC loses its domain membership.

    Client in question: white-box Intel PIV (Intel 915GAV motherboard) PIV 3.04 CPU, Windows XP Pro SP2 OS, w/ all current patches, integrated Intel Pro100VE NIC.

    Server is SBS 2003 Standard Ed w/ SP1 and all hotfixes, dual Xeon 3.0GHz CPU, SuperMicro mainboard, 1.5GB SDRAM, Intel server NICs, etc- server seems to be fine.

    DNS, WINS, et al are all configured properly, and all other clients are behaving as expected.

    Have had on-going problems with this new PC, and this is the latest. My current remedy is to disjoin from the domain, reboot, join a workgroup, reboot, rejoin the domain, reboot. This works for a while, but problems do reoccur after about a week, and the client again loses its domain membership.

    Note: When rejoing the domain, I've had to use the SBS's domain's NetBIOS name, as opposed to the domain's internal FQDN, in order to get this fix to work.

    Have seen this previously in native 2000/2003 (non-SBS) domains with W2K Pro systems, but this is a first- seeing this problem with XP Pro2P2 clients in an SBS 2003 SP1 environment, and suspect it may be a hardware related problem.

    Also, prior to disjoining/rejoining, I always purge the computer account, DNS and WINS records. There is an oddball hotfix (pre-XP SP3) that has been applied to address random disconnects due to the browser service- the hotfix is # 889320, which addressed (and resolved) a seperate problem. Thought this hfix might be worth mentioning, since a call to MS-PSS is necessary in order to obtain the code for the fix.

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this puzzler!

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    Re: SBS 2003 client loses domain membership

    Have you tried doing this the "SBS" way?
    Disjoin from the domain & reboot
    Server Management/Computers - delete computer from domain in AD.
    Whilst th ecomputer is still detached from the domain, rename it to another NETBIOS name such as TEMPWS.
    In server Management/Computers, run the ADD NEW COMPUTER Wizard with the origianl WS name. You can also add the required Client Applications and/or ActiveSync here if needed.
    Start workstation (TEMPWS) and the IE Browser. go to site
    http://<server Netbios name>/connectcomputer
    Install the activeX and enter your domain user name and password. Let the computer reboot a couple of times and you should be in the domain. Let's hope it stays thay way this time

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