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SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

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  • SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

    Here is a weird one!

    I have two newly installed clients, both with SBS 2003 SP1 using ISA (all with the latest hotfixes). The servers and the clients cannot connect to for some reason. Other websites seem to work fine (atleast the ones I have tried). If I use the IP for I can view the site fine, hence I think a DNS issue.

    If I do NSLOOKUP on the IPs are not resolved. If I do NSLOOKUP using one of the DNS forwarder addresses [NSLOOKUP {host} server] I can resolve the IPs fine. The issue would seem to be with the local DNS not forwarding on resolution requests specifically for

    I have checked DNS on both 2k3 machines and can see no problems. I've checked things like host files, LMHOST files, WINS etc. and can find nothing to cause this issue. I feared they maybe infected with a virus but both machines have up to date AV from two different AV vendors.

    Anyone got any ideas?


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    Re: SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

    Have you enabled forwarders in DNS???


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      Re: SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

      Yep! I have two DN Servers configured as forwarders and they are enabled. Using NSLOOKUP I used one of them (a forwarder) to do a lookup and resolved the IPs for MS fine. It would appear that only requests for are not getting forwarded. Running NSLOOKUP using the local DNS to look up obscure sites that couldn't possibly be cached works fine so i'm pretty sure the forwarders are working up to a point.


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        Re: SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

        Have you cleared the DNS cache on the server and tried again??


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          Re: SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

          Yep! ipconfig /flushdns. I did ipconfig /displaydns straight after and only saw what I expected. Nothing unusual.

          When I first saw this problem last week I didn't really think much about it, only I found another client today with exactly the same problem. Myself and one of my colleagues have been scratching our heads all afternoon over this


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            Re: SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

            Have you checked the HOSTS file for a forgotten entry?
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              Re: SBS 2003 SP1 DNS Issue

              Please post your IPCONFIG /ALL configuration here (you can change the first 2 octets to xxx.yyy to protect privacy if you have a public address) . I want to see where the DNS entries on your server are pointing.
              You could also try removing the forwarders altogether, in which case your DNS would use the Root Hints to resolve outside addresses - but would possibly be slower.
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