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  • Change of Domain Name

    Domain name has changed. Exchange 2000 needs to send/receive mail for the new domain. How do we configure Exchange to process mail for more than 1 domain (the original domain name has been cancelled with the ISP)

    As the server name has not changed, will OUTLOOK also need to be reconfigured to send/receive mail to/from the new domain?

    Thank you very mush for any assistance in this matter

    A second search of the forum did reveal the tech info that I need. I am so sorry for the inconvenience..

    Thank you
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    Re: Change of Domain Name

    No inconvenience, but just to clarify, did you find the information you needed to solve your problem?
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      Re: Change of Domain Name

      Well I thought that I did but I may have read to much into the article. Here is what I mean. After following the article instructions, setting the new domain as the primary and setting and applying the policy, I also added the new domain using the .local extension. I did not clear the check boxes for any of the old domain .com and .local entries. Now, I believe that somwhere I may have committed several errors. Could you enlighten me or give me further reference to follow. Much appreciate your feedback.


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        Re: Change of Domain Name


        1. changing the SMTP domain, users have to change nothing in order to use there email client.
        AD domains and SMTP domains are totally different things.
        2. Since the SMTP domain has changed, here are the steps you should do:
        1. Create a mx record in your new domain. Use the public IP address of your exchange or mail gateway server. If email gateway (smart host) is used, it must be configured to accept email for your new domain;
        2. Create a new recipient update policy or modify an existing one. Add here the new SMTP domain. Donít forget the check mark for "This exchange organization is responsible for all email delivery to this address".

        As soon as the recipient up. Service has updated the users email address and dns update is propagated on the Internet, your organization is ready to send and receive emails.

        Csaba Papp
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          Re: Change of Domain Name

          Hello Csaba,

          Thank you. However, I have previously done as you have suggested. I would like a response to my last post concerning "I may have read more into the tech article than required and consequently did not configure the SMTP correctly for the new domain"

          Thanks again for your input but again, I understand and have done as you suggested.


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            Re: Change of Domain Name

            Hi, I have followed the instructions about this but the email is not getting to the users, the mailboxes appear to be filling up (one as 400 messages) but only two in the actual viewable box can anybody give me some more pointers