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New to SBS 2003, trying to figure out exchange.

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  • New to SBS 2003, trying to figure out exchange.

    Hello everyone, after spending about 20 hours reading on how i need to configure SBS i believe i am lost!.

    I have decided i ask the help of the professionals who know what they are doing before i do something to the SBS that is not reversable and will mess it up forever.

    For the past 8 years i have always paid for virtual hosting, however i now manage 15 domains, so i decided to get my own server, i bought my server, hooked it up to my home network installed sql 05 and sent the server to the dataware house (colocation). One problem i noticed once i connected to it, was that a lot of settings were taken from my home network, like the router, dns and so on, also it created "domain.local" something to do with AD i guess. anyway, i have changed 2 domains MX and A settings to point to the server, and IIS shows me the websites, i am now trying to configure the exchange part, i want to host my own email.

    Anyway, lets start of with my first question, using the internet + email wizard... what the hell is the DNS it asks for? I know that its not the same DNS specified in my TCPIC settings (which is the same ip as the servers), is that something i need to get from the colocation isp? also it asks for the routers IP, im guessing that is just the gateway. if i dont specify the dns it tells me that i will need to configure "root" something something....

    I have more questions, but lets start with that i believe once i understand what the DNS's role is, i might be able to answer my own questions.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    BTW i found this link

    to be a bit helpfull with the "next" steps....

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    Re: New to SBS 2003, trying to figure out exchange.

    Maybe it's a better idea to hire a professional who helps you out.

    anyway, start here:
    Installing And Configuring SBS 2003
    Technical Consultant

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      Re: New to SBS 2003, trying to figure out exchange.

      while that might be a great solution, i wont get to learn much i mean yes the pro will know what he/she is doing, but wheres the fun in that?


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        Re: New to SBS 2003, trying to figure out exchange.

        The CEICW asks for your ISp DNS servers to configure them as forwarders for your DNS. In simple terms it assumes you are sitting at the end of you Internet connection with your ISP at the other end. All your Domain Name requests are sent to your SBS server which is also your local DNS (for AD first of all). However your DNS doesn't know about all the servers on the internet so it forwards them to your ISP's servers using the forwarders. That way it gets to learn about the various servers your users are requesting on the Internet. In fact, it can cache somne of teh most popular ones so that next time someone asks, your local DNS can provise the answer without using the forwarders - providing it has not gone over the time limit, in which case it will ask again and refresh its cache.

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