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SBS 2003 Certificate on Windows Mobile 5

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  • SBS 2003 Certificate on Windows Mobile 5

    Hi there.

    Strange things happens. As a network konsultant I bought a QTek 9100 with wm5 and at our office SBS2003 server installed the server certificate on it. No problems, just dragged the certificate to the device, klikked it and it was installed. No problems in synkronising with the server.

    Now I was to set up 3 WM5 devices at my customer. Same model as mine, but this time I cannot install the certficate. It is a SBS2003 server and it should be setup exactly like our ovn server. The certificate works at the customer, they can use webmail, install the certificate in a windows browser and everything.

    The only error message I get on the qtek wm5 is (translated from danish) "It is not possible to get acces to the certificate"

    I am working with the "build in" sbs2003 2003 certificate.

    I have tried to google this but found no problems like this - am I the only one with this issue.

    I hope someone can help me If you need more info please let me know

    Best Regards


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    Re: SBS 2003 Certificate on Windows Mobile 5

    On "little" detail.

    I also tried to install my customer certificate on my ovn device with no succes. Same error message.
    I would like to test our certificate on theire devices but do not have acces to them right now.

    My suspisione goes towards something is wrong with the customer certificate? Even though it is work.



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      Re: SBS 2003 Certificate on Windows Mobile 5

      As you build your computers on the network, you get to push out applications to them. One of those is ActiveSync 3.8 which also provides you with a Program Member Item "Configure Mobile Device" under Small Business Server Tools. This usually pushes out the certificate when you connect your device to the computer. You will also need to have installed Exchange SP2 on your SBS AFAIK to benefit from WM5 though all the features aren't there yet.

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        Re: SBS 2003 Certificate on Windows Mobile 5

        I also have a Qtek 9100 that will not accept a certificate. I was hoping the new ROM (containing the AKU2 update) realeased a few days ago would fix the problem. (I have not yet applied the update yet because the phone supplier cannot guarantee that I will not invalidate the warranty).

        CoolMike, what version ROM do you have installed on the device that worked?


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          Re: SBS 2003 Certificate on Windows Mobile 5

          Remember, that the certificate from SBS2003 has to have the correct name:

          If the certificate on the server is "server.domain.local" and your FQDN is "" you have the answer. It has to be the same.

          On the pc, install the new certificate, export it to the desktop, copy it to the QTek 9100 and install it. You should be up and running.

          BTW. Does anyone know, if "direct push" really works on QTek 9100 from SBS2003 SP1 with SP2 on E2K3 ????? Any links to docīs ??

          Regards from
          G Ladefoged