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Migrating from NT to SBS: Domain names

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  • Migrating from NT to SBS: Domain names

    I am planning to perform a migration from NT to win2k3 sbs. Due to limited naming restrictions, I need to use the name of the existing NT serverbox as the new domain name in the new Win2k3 AD. For example:

    current NT names are
    server name: AB
    domain nameOMAIN

    New AD names will be
    new server name: WIN2K3SRVR
    preferred domain name: AB.LOCAL

    I know you can't have the same computername/domain names but no where is it mentioned you can't have the old server name be the new domain name. Just want to be sure this doesn't haunt the migration somewhere down the line.

    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Migrating from NT to SBS: Domain names

    I think you should read the documentation on Renaming Domains and decide if it is worth it. I am a strong believer in migrating existing data and configurations where possible, ( ie Swing Migrations and previously the alternate method of installing Exchange on SBS 2000 ) as opposed to Microsoft who always seem to favour rip it out and start again! But in this case, unless there is a really compelling reason to migrate, it may not be worth the hassle. If you go for it, remember at all costs to rename your domain BEFORE there is an Exchanger server in the equation.
    Another little tip:- use <domain>.lan as .local will cause problems if you ever want to add a MAC into your environment.

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