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SBS 2011 Renewing GoDaddy SSL

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  • SBS 2011 Renewing GoDaddy SSL

    Ok, it has been years since I've renewed ssl. It is up for renewal in a couple of weeks. So, I decided to go ahead and renew ahead of time. Used the SBS Console Wizard under Network section to renew the existing certificate. I renewed for 3 years with GoDaddy and I'm at the point of downloading ssl. Which one do I pick for SBS 2011? I started looking online and there are tutorials that say to select IIS7 and then there are tutorials that say to select exchange 2010. Since I started this process in the main SBS 2011 console wizard, which one should I pick and how do I proceed to finish? Both tutorials state you have to install intermidiate cert first then finish with the console wizard. But I don't which one to download from GoDaddy, IIS7 or Exchange 2010 since I started this in the main console. Then how to proceed properly to finish?

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    Re: SBS 2011 Renewing GoDaddy SSL

    I have always used the Exchange 2010 certificate with SBS 2011
    When you say "started from the main console", do you mean the GoDaddy console or the Exchange Management Console?

    If in doubt, create a new Certificate Request in Exchange and use that to re-issue your GoDaddy certificate - about 5 minutes work
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      Re: SBS 2011 Renewing GoDaddy SSL

      I think the console they are referring to is the SBS console where you start the SSL certificate process.

      To add an external godaddy certificate you need to select the IIS certificate type from within godaddy when you are creating it.

      This tutorial will see you through - one thing to note. Once you have initiated the request on the SBS server don't start it again you need to RESUME otherwise the encoded request will change and you'll be snookered

      Also another point to note (which caught me out) depending on the type of certificate relates to how quickly you get it. If you go for a standard one then its a pretty straight forward process with a turnaround of 24 hours. If you go for the premium it can take a few days as they need to verify the company your requesting the cert for.
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