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Remote Outlook vs Exchange 2007

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  • Remote Outlook vs Exchange 2007

    Hi all

    I'm not sure how to accurately phrase my question seeing that I don't really understand all the moving parts but I'll do my best.

    The players:
    *SBS 2008 Standard
    *Outlook 2007 or maybe 2010 (trying both)
    *SSL Certificate (which may or may not be correctly installed or be assigned to the correct domain name host)

    So I have heard that two things may generate an Autodiscover.xml, which is apparently helpful for a remote Outlook to connect to Exchange 2007.
    1. When Client Access Services is installed, or
    2. When a security certificate is installed.

    The SBS doesn't seem to have the autodiscover (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place). CAS is confirmed installed as a server role and SSL Certificate is also installed (I'd like to confirm this more confidently) but as I said before I'm not sure if I assigned the correct domain hostname to it (an unnerving idea considering the cost!)

    Anyway a short story long, I can't connect Outlook remotely to Exchange on SBS. Would somebody please work with me to determine if all the moving parts are in fact present and correct?