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IIS Worker Processes

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  • IIS Worker Processes


    I have an SBS2011 Server, with 24GB RAM. It is hosting 38 Mailboxes, although some are old ones just left there for historical access.

    We have 4 DB's totaling 465GB.

    The memory utilization is consistently at 98-99%, and while I do know that Exchange grabs a lot of memory which it then supposedly releases, I did spot something which I think may be able to improve on.

    If I sort processes by Memory, I see 10 w3wp.exe's ranging from 125MB to 450MB.

    Is there any way I can trace these back to their IIS App Pools and limit them if need be?

    We do not use SharePoint and I suspect a lot of this is to do with that. I do not want to uninstall it, maybe perhaps is it safe to disable the services?

    I have already limited the built in SQL Databases such as SBSMonitoring and Sharepoint.

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    Re: IIS Worker Processes

    iisapp.cmd should be able to provide a list of PIDs for each workerpool
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      Re: IIS Worker Processes

      Sorry for the delay, been distracted!

      Ok, so the results for the largest hogs are:

      WsusPool - 430MB
      MSExchangePowerShellAppPool - 410MB
      MSExchangeServicesAppPool - 310MB
      MSExchangeSyncAppPool - 344MB
      MSExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool - 220MB
      SharePoint App Pool - 270MB

      I'm going to guess that messing about with the Exchange ones is not recommended!

      We do use WSUS, does it need to consume that much RAM constantly? Is it worth messing with for the potential gain?

      SharePoint as mentioned is not used at all. Can this be limited right down, and/or SharePoint Services disabled?