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  • Server reports

    We have a few clients who have sever reports sent to myself so that i can keep an eye on them.

    These reports have stopped coming to my company email address and are not getting blocked by our exchange server or by the spam filter on our web hosting.

    The emails from the clients go to the internal SBSAdmin and that's it.

    i have changed the email for it going external to my own private email address and they still do not arrive, and not blocked by spam.

    There are no bounce backs to indicate an issue.

    I have run through the repair my network wizard s suggested when i tried to look up a fix but this didn' t work.

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    Re: Server reports

    so for each of those clients, the email report is configured to go to the localadministator, and to your email address.

    is it received by the local administrator ?
    have you looked at messasge tracking ?
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      Re: Server reports

      They are configured to go the local admin and and my email addy. the email get received by the local admin as it is internal.

      I have even set it to just go to my email and not the local admin and still nothing...

      When i look at the message tracking there nothing that shows it going to an external email addy...

      tis quite a weird one...
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