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SBS2003 and Svr2003 R2 to SBS2011

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  • SBS2003 and Svr2003 R2 to SBS2011

    Hi All,

    OK, so this is my starter for 10 - I've referred this knowledgebase for a long time now and have hit a point where I'd like to ask a question of my own - rather hoping I can contribute too so it's not all one way

    So.. have done many SBS2003 to SBS2011 migrations successfully. This is all good. I now have a system to migrate which has the primary DC as SBS2003 but also a second backup DC as plain server 2003 R2 - the SBS2003 AD schema was updated when this was installed.

    Are there any other steps I need to be aware of taking the SBS2003 box and migrating it to SBS2011? Immediate things/worries that spring to mind are :-

    * The Server 2003 R2 is already a backup DC in the AD domain, any implications for 2011?
    * When the AD schema for SBS2003 is updated to SBS2011 - will this automatically replicate across to the Server 2003 box, or do I need do do this manually?

    I think they're my main two concerns - and any help massively appreciated

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    Re: SBS2003 and Svr2003 R2 to SBS2011

    1. Any AD changes (Schema, etc.) done on the SBS2003 server will of course replicate to the plain old 2003 server.

    2. If you're not migrating or upgrading the plain old 2003 server to a new server then just demote it and remove it from the domain before the migration. That makes for one less thing to worry about during the migration.


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      Re: SBS2003 and Svr2003 R2 to SBS2011

      Thanks for the response joeqwerty.

      My main concern was the AD side of things/replication - something I really don't want to go wrong, even with backups of backups!

      The plain old Server R2 holds around 3TB of data and a 2.5GB (give or take) CRM database which we will not be migrating.

      Given the data can still be accessed/transferred after demotion and domain removal, I think that's probably the best way to go.