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Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

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  • Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

    I am in the middle of a migration and all was going well up until now, I have successfully moved Sharepoint and Exchange but the user folder share is giving me the most trouble.

    I used NT Backup on the SBS2003 to back up the share "My User Folders", the hierarchy of this share is \\server\users\%username%\My Documents - the user folder share name is "My User Folders" .

    I have restored to the D: drive on the SBS 2011 using a NT Restore Utility and chose to restore security.

    When I browse the share from the server with the Admin account I can access the Administrator folder but I am denied access to %username%\My Documents which is to be expected.

    I recreated the GP for folder re direction \\server\users\%username%\My Documents and when I log on as a user I an re directed to their documents - all would seem well at this point , however I can't change a documents as it says it is read only and if I create a document I get an access denied on the users My Documents folder.

    Any ideas ?



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    Re: Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

    Did you remember to set the proper permissions on the share itself? The default is read-only access for the "Everyone".


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      Re: Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

      I am using the Swing Migration Kit which has a share migration utility, so the share permissions are set up by the utility. I will check it out later.

      However if there are more permissions on the share than there should be I would not expect to see any deny errors.



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        Re: Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

        The default security setting is read-only for Everyone and nothing more, and that would prevent anyone from having write access.

        I'm not familiar with the Swing Migration kit. Is this a cross-forest or cross-domain migration? Do the users on the new server have different SIDs? If so, none of the NTFS permissions restored by NTbackup will be correct.


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          Re: Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

          Ok , I have moved on a bit but not much nearer to solving my problem

          I ran change user control for accounts on my the SBS console and added all my users to the standard user profile. This had the impact of creating another D:\users folder with 2 * shares

          D:\Users\shares = UserShares
          D:\Users\folderredirections = RedirectedFolders

          Under each of the folders my uses have their own personal folder %Username%

          So I now have my GP folder re-directing to a a share with my data in it that I can't read or create anything in and a new user share which looks OK but has no data in it.

          So I guess I have two options

          1, Move the data to the new shares (not sure how)
          2, replicate the security on the new shares to the original share where the data is



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            Re: Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

            It's long been a gripe of mine that the Microsoft docs for an SBS migration list moving the redirected folders as the final step, because IMO it should be one of the first.

            I know you're using the swing migration kit, which I have no experience with, but I always move redirected folders by disabling it via GPO well in advance, and then re-enable it user-by-user in the SBS console on the new server. All users are warned that if they have iTunes libraries and don't shift them then I am not responsible for them waiting an hour to logon or any issues caused by them rebooting their PCs due to impatience.

            I've always used this method as the old GPO has to be removed anyway, and certain down level clients (XP usually) are horrendous for remembering redirection settings if you don't disable the policies correctly.
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              Re: Moving SB 2003 Shared Folders to SBS 2011

              I fixed it the following way........................

              1, Full backup of all old the user shared folders
              2, Restored to new server without security to a temporary share
              3, Mapped a drive to temporary share to each users folder using %username%
              4, Let SBS create new folder redirection via the SBA wizard
              5, Ask the users to copy from the mapped drive to their new folder redirection
              6, Remove mapped drive

              Some users who had offline files enabled their cached data moved automatically, that was a bonus !