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MSDE services/server running but cant connect?

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  • MSDE services/server running but cant connect?

    hello peers...

    after browsing back a whole year, i couldnt find anything related to my issue:

    setup is a SBS 2003 standard on a "standard" dual-xeon system, and 12 XPpro's and 1 win2k hooked up to it in standard (more or less) star-topology

    My problem is that i can not connect via SQL Service Manager to the MSDE SQL services (yes, plural) that are running according to TASKMAN/sysinternals PROCESS EXPLORER. from what i can see , there are at least two installed, service for SBSMONITORING (if i understand it right, its utilized in the server management interface/GUI) and the service for SHAREPOINT. these are the ones that are visible in the ADD/REMOVE SOFTWARE interface.

    i tried IP directly (internal 192.168.x.x one) and via server-name ('HERRON-SERVER' or 'enterprise.local') no luck...the manager dosent even give me the OPTION to "browse"for a service on hte local server...

    the MSDE SQL services seem to run fine - BUT

    i'm using KASPERSKY anti-virus for server..which is a two-part system...the A/V engine, which has no interface other than CLI/CMD commands, and a MMC-style snap-in called KASPERSKY ADMINISTRATION KIT which REQUIRES SQL/MSDE....but in the installation process it says that it cant find SQL/MSDE...according to KASPERSKY webpages/support it should run fine w. MSDE (which they also include in their download pages).

    now i believe that "somehwere/somehow" my MSDE/SQL on the 2003 SBS could be fucked-up... because i use MSDE/SQL at home on my XPpro, and i dont have those "cant connect to SQL service" issues like on the 2003 SBS at work....

    can anyone pretty-please nudge me in the right direction?


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    Re: MSDE services/server running but cant connect?

    We have a similar problem at the moment

    With Server 2003 configured as a Workgroup, MSDE Database that cannot be connected to by other workgroup clients

    I was wondering if you got a resolution to your problem



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      Re: MSDE services/server running but cant connect?

      SQL is my weak side in SBS, but IIUC the program you are using is supposed to install another INSTANCE of MSDE on the server. THe Monitoring instance is for the performance reports which the console sends out daily and the Sharepoint instance is the database for all the documents etc you save on the Intranet (Companyweb)

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        Re: MSDE services/server running but cant connect?

        Are you running "Windows Firewall" on the SBS?

        If you disable it, does the problem go away?

        If so, look here and try the NETSTAT bit (it's for XP but should work for W2K3):

        Otherwise, what version of MSDE and what utilities do you have to see the SQL Server network config?

        Also looks like there can be dynamic (vs. static) port allocation. On second thought, start here (vs. NETSTAT):


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