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SBS2003, 2NIC, No RDP or outside RWW access possible

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  • SBS2003, 2NIC, No RDP or outside RWW access possible

    We are running still SBS 2003, looking forward to upgrade soon but this needs to be fixed asap.
    So I ran CEICW wizard few times actually but last time there was no issues. I set my connection as a "broadband" and than in section "my server use" I chose "A local router device with an IP address" (and here is my concern, because server has 2 network cards, external for internet connection and internal for lan network, both of them are plugged into the same switch, the switch has two internet connections from two different ISP plugged into it. I know...), should I select "A direct broadband connection" here?
    Than I followed the setup and I activated firewall and selected services that I am willing to use. In certificate field I type in my domain and proceed to set up the email server.
    Everything finishes correctly but I am experiencing issues with my RWW(from outside, from indside it works fine) and RDP(when choosing IP of external NIC) to this server, also I can't ping my external NIC and set up a VPN connection.
    All that was working before I started CEICW wizard, I haven't done any changes to routers firewalls, DHCP server (but I guess wizard did) and DNS Server.

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    Re: SBS2003, 2NIC, No RDP or outside RWW access possible

    just disable one nic and re-run the CIECW.
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