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SBS 2011 - RWA vary number of monitors?

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  • SBS 2011 - RWA vary number of monitors?

    I have multiple remote users accessing via Remote Web Access to a server farm. Some of these external users have multiple monitors. Let's say that they have 5 monitors. I want to use GPO to limit the number of monitors that SOME can use to two monitors. Other RWA users may wish to use ALL 5 monitors. Using the RD Session Host Configuration IS NOT what I want to do, because it is global to all users. I want to be able to create separate GPOs to allow 1,2 or unlimited (16) monitors. Then, by placing them in the various groups, I can prevent forcing them to either a single monitor or all monitors when they use RWA. Is there a way I can manage this?

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    Re: SBS 2011 - RWA vary number of monitors?

    The only way I can think of to limit it for some and not others is to setup an additional RDP listener and allow your groups of users to connect to the appropriate one for their privilege level.

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