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SBS 2k11 Backup

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  • SBS 2k11 Backup

    Hi folks, anyone came across this, had a windows server backup running fine for a number of weeks, 4 external usb drives, one plugged in each day and then taken away.

    All of a sudden windows server will say that 3 of 4 external disks are offline when there plugged in, windows, computer manager etc all recognise all the disks but the backup will only recognize 1 of the external hard disk as plugged in, any ideas

    PS I created a manual backup and pointed it to a device, no issues, the scheduled backup is pointing to a volume and only recognises 1 of the external disk, all disks exact same make and model.


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    Re: SBS 2k11 Backup

    I don't know why this happens, but I have had it happen to me also. You have one disk with full backups. So maybe you can reinitialize the other three and carry on. They will pick up the full server again on the first backup. Since all backups after the first are incremental, you'll hardly be missing anything.

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