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SBS2011 keeps freezing

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  • nicknick
    started a topic SBS2011 keeps freezing

    SBS2011 keeps freezing

    2 weeks ago i did a migration from our old SBS2003 to a new SBS2011.

    I installed ESXI5.5 on a HP DL380 G6 with 96gb ram.
    Within i created a VM with 2 drives (500GB and 250GB) and 32GB ram.

    Recreated all the users (11), transferred their files and started transferring their mail.
    I transferred their mail by logging in on the old sbs, exporting a PST via outlook and importing it via outlook on the new sbs.

    The transfer of a large user mailbox failed (16GB). I removed and recreated this user and only imported the most important mails. The same day the server locked up. I could no longer connect to the server and had to reset it from the vsphere console. Meanwhile the CPU usage was 100% (according to vsphere).
    2 Days later the server locked up again. I could not find anything in the event logs. This went on for a few days after which things seemed fine. But today it froze 4 times. Luckly only 2 users were at the office, so i took the time to do a 30min memtest on the server, without errors. I checked for updates for the firmware but it was already running the latest versions.

    30min ago the server locked up again. I'm running out of ideas here. What could be causing these problems?

    Our server:
    - Runs within ESXI 5.5
    - OS is SBS 2011 with all the updates
    - Runs ESET antivirus
    - Roles:
    > Exchange mailserver
    > Fileserver
    > AD
    > DHCP
    > DNS

  • nicknick
    Re: SBS2011 keeps freezing

    Short update:

    Today i compared the timestamps of the crashes with the logfile of the AV. The crashes occured within a minute after an update.
    I now disabled the HIPS.

    I will update this topic if the problem is solved.

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