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Need a guide for "moving" exchange

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  • Need a guide for "moving" exchange

    Hello folks,
    I had a search of the forum but couldn't find something exactly like this:

    I'm about to flatten a server for a customer. We're doing a complete re-install of sbs 2008 and setting everything up again from scratch.
    I was hoping to find a guide on how to backup exchange so that once the server is re-installed i could restore it then assign the mailboxes to the specific users.
    Is that possible?
    I'm not moving from one server to another, I'm backing up everything from the server. Wiping it out completely then copying everything back once windows SBS 2008 is back on it.
    Any other general advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Need a guide for "moving" exchange

    AFAIK, that can't be done. What you'll more than likely need to do is to export all of the email to PST files, rebuild the server, create new mailboxes for each user, and import the PST files into the mailboxes.


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      Re: Need a guide for "moving" exchange

      In Exchange 2003, so long as the server name and AD domain name was the same (AND IIRC the Administrative Group name) you could restore the Exchange IS and then manually connect mailboxes to users.

      Seems like Database Portability offers the same functionality without as many restrictions/prerequisites.
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        Re: Need a guide for "moving" exchange

        Couldn't you just do a swing migration?

        Not free but apparently worth every penny.