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domain name issues, please help!

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  • domain name issues, please help!

    i am in the process of migrating a clients email to office 365. As part of that process i had to purchase a new UCC SSL cert as they have recently changed company name

    now when the users who are still on prem open outlook they get cert name mis match error in outlook.

    if i set up the new domain name as the default accepted domains in Exchange will it fix the problem?

    if not, what will? The one thing i cannot do is spend any more cash so need to work with that i have.

    thanks all

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    Re: domain name issues, please help!

    no - it's not the default accepted domains - it's the Client Access settings that need to be adjusted

    Even though they are getting the name mis-match error, are they able to connect? you're in the middle of a migration.. if they can connect, even though that error might be frustrating for them to click once a day... just say it's part of that

    alternately - go back to the SSL provider and see if they'll rekey it with another name
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