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SBS 2003 - problem with secondary email Domain

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  • SBS 2003 - problem with secondary email Domain


    I wonder if anyone else has seen the following scenario?

    We look after a company who run a SBS 2003 server. They needed to change from a .com email address to
    So, using the guides here at Petri, I added the Domain to the Exchange, making the new the default.

    The .com emails arrived by POP3 connectors, but for the we use SMTP and the MX record points to their router.

    All is seemingly working well, people get their new emails from this set up, except for the following:
    They have some hosted websites that have contact forms, to stop 'advertising' the email addresses and being spammed etc.
    So, you fill in your name and email address and comments/message and submit.
    However, these email never arrive, they can be found by going to the webmail of the Domain host, but they never leave there.
    I don't know why, or how to troubleshoot this.
    Can anyone help?


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    Re: SBS 2003 - problem with secondary email Domain

    Have you looked on the php script or plugin to see exactly what address the emails are being sent to? Or how they are being sent?
    David Silvester
    Systems Administrator


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      Re: SBS 2003 - problem with secondary email Domain

      Is the website host the same as the one that supplies the email addresses?

      If so I have the same problem. From what I understand the email seeks the fastest route to arrive at the destination point. Since the website and the email is on the same server it goes straight there, which is why you can see it in the hosts webmail.

      The way that I got around this is to setup a POP3 connector that pulls the email from the hosts webmail directly.


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        Re: SBS 2003 - problem with secondary email Domain

        as the poster before me said - either you need to POP the emails from the webhost, or you need to tell the webhost to make their server non-authoritative for that domain.

        The problem is, with a hosted webserver, usually they give you email accounts as well. That means they configure their server to be "authoritative" for the domain "" - regardless of what you might have configured out on the internet.

        so - when the website tries to send that email, it goes "oh, I'm authoritative, i'll deliver it locally"

        It's hte same way your exchange server behaves, and is normal, rational behaviour.
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