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Group Policy for Folder Creation/Rules in Outlook?

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  • Group Policy for Folder Creation/Rules in Outlook?

    My end-users receive specific files as attachments every day, sometimes several a day, from a subscription service. I need to make sure the emails are deleted after two weeks so that mailboxes don't blow up. In their Outlook, while sitting in their chair, I can create a rule to move those files to a subfolder under Inbox. Then I can make that folder auto archive to just delete the emails containing the attachments after 2 weeks. Cool solution, if I am in their chair.

    NOW the fun begins: how can I push this plan to the entire organization without visiting every desktop?

    Policy needs to: Create the folder, implement the move rule, then apply the auto archive settings.

    I don't think it can be done via Policy based on my research. However, I'm here to see if anyone has a solution.

    Additional details:

    Server OS is Windows SBS 2011. No Exchange server. End users pull email from Gmail.
    Some end users use Office 2010 H&B, others 2013 H&B. All use Outlook pulling from Gmail.

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    Re: Group Policy for Folder Creation/Rules in Outlook?

    you would be better doing this with global rules using exchange management console I suspect.

    oh.. wait... you said gmail.
    I have no idea how you'd achieve that..sorry
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      Re: Group Policy for Folder Creation/Rules in Outlook?

      Suggest you look for a suitable tool. Start with:

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