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SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate

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  • SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate


    After installing Godaddy certificate there is a popup security alert on each station while openning outlook client which refer to FQDN - server1.domain.local and point to Godaddy certificate.

    In EMC, I see that there is a certificate from CA to server1.domain.local and only when i assign IIS service to certificate, the alert gone but then there is a problem with OWA.

    Why does the outlook client looking for Godaddy certificate?
    How can I solve that?

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    Re: SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate


    Run the connect to the Internet and Certificate wizards from the console.

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      Re: SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate


      Thank you for your reply.

      I used the wizard but the problem is that I must choose between the self signed certificate (which fix the security alert) and Godaddy certificate which provide the security for the mail from outside.

      I tried to add the to godaddy certificate but they don't allow it due to new rules.


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        Re: SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate

        Iirc you need to open run the set-outlookprovider command

        I could be Wrong


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          Re: SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate

          What names are on your GoDaddy cert?
          IIRC the recommendation is still (for SBS):
          sbsname (netbios name)

          That is certainly what I use, and have had no problem with pop-ups as you describe

          AFAIK you can get GoDaddy to let you re-key a certificate even after issue -- you may need to be polite to them, but i have done it in the past
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            Re: SBS 2011 - Exchange certificate

            A weekold thread...

            I don't think you have run the wizards correctly.
            Did you run wizard to configure the external host name? If you do then the wizard will correct everything for you, setup the DNS etc so that you can use the external name internally.

            If your certificate expires after November 2015 you will not be able to include the internal names of the server, nor the netbios name, so it is important that you setup everything correctly.

            As this is SBS you must run each of the wizards - so the connect to the internet, setup your internet address and add a trusted certificate wizards. That will stop the prompts.

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