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SBS2008 Glorified Workgroup moving to new SBS2008 Domain

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  • SBS2008 Glorified Workgroup moving to new SBS2008 Domain

    I have a site that I took over and they have a SBS2008 Server and 4 other app/doc servers running with 45 users all in a glorified workgroup with no rights and no users connected to the domain.
    Old network is as follow:
    DSL Router on
    SBS2008 on with domain MAN.local and running Exchange/DHCP/DNS
    PABX Server on
    ACT Server on
    Docs Server on
    POS Server on
    45 Users not domain joined with/without static ip's.

    I have installed a new Dell R520 Server with SBS2008 which I would like to use for the DC/DHCP/Exchange and from there have all users joined to it's new domain so we can use group policies and all other domain joined benefits such as security/rights.
    I have configured the new SBS2008 on MAN2.local and using ip with a secondary ip to be able to use the gateway on but when I try to join a pc to the domain it can't find the DC. I have disabled the DHCP on the new server and used static IP on the PC.

    I have also tried moving the new server to with gateway on and still can't find DC. I also disabled the DHCP on the old server and still no DC.
    I have also tried configuring the Dlink DSL-2540U Router to have internal IP and but can't find the gateway on the server when it's on Think I did not config it correctly.

    Can someone please recommend how I can do this and what would be the
    best way. I am now thinking of setting up a router/gateway device that is able to give me a and IP on the network. Can someone recommend such a device and then have the two networks totally seperated in theory, but still be able to break through to the 10 range as needed.

    Any help/advice will be appreciated.

    Maritz Jonker

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    Re: SBS2008 Glorified Workgroup moving to new SBS2008 Domain

    Did you do any homework before you set this up?
    You cannot have two SBS severs in the same network nor two AD domains.
    If the stations can't find either of the SBS's to connect, where are they pointing to for DNS?
    Can the stations ping -a Do any of the addresses resolve to the names?

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      Re: SBS2008 Glorified Workgroup moving to new SBS2008 Domain

      Hi There Teiger,

      I have done this before in 2010. If I recall correctly the only issue was the gateway back then and I was able to use a send dsl router. The main thing is to use two ip ranges and static ip addresses on the clients until you decomission the old server. Can one get a Router that splits the DSL connection to both a 10 range and a 192 range?