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NIC teaming (link aggregation) & multiple internal network/subnets(VLAN)

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  • NIC teaming (link aggregation) & multiple internal network/subnets(VLAN)

    Hi all,

    am new here so please be patient with me

    Current Environment:

    Currently we have a single VLAN, switched "very small business" network infrastructure and I am planning on upgrading to a small enterprise level - probably a collapse Core-Distributing, Access architecture sort of thingy and implementing different VLANs for different departments and a dedicated “Data Network” with its separate, dedicated backup network - to avoid backup traffic taking away bandwidth form the actual network.

    But we come to this in a future question !

    Currently I have my W2k3 SBS SP2 server (PE2900) connected via one of its Broadcom NetXtrem II Gigabit Adapter to a 3Com Baseline 2816 SFP switch (there is also another unsued Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter but lets concentrate on the teaming of same vendors for the moment )

    I was going to setup and test NIC teaming with the 2x Broadcom cards on the server and link aggregation on the switch ports, where the teamed server adapters are plugged into, to give the server a bit more bandwidth to the network.

    Will/should NIC teaming work ok on a W2k3 SBS server? Does anybody have it setup/what are the experiences with it?

    What do I have to watch out for/include in my consideration. I have the BACS Suite 3 already installed on my server and did a quick tests but had connectivity issues: sort of like "lost" network conectivety to and from the server !?

    Does SBS2003 support ok multiple internal networks/subnets(Vlan)

    Any tips, suggestions and info is very welcome and thanks a mill in advance for all of hem!
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