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Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

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  • Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

    I'm having a rough time with a swing migration and Jeff M has been trying to help me get through this sticking point but we've had no luck thus far and I've started from scratch 3 times already. I was curious if anyone here would have any ideas. I get to the point in the first document where I complete the AD replication over to the temporary DC and the directions then tell me to disconnect the temp DC and reboot. When I do this, I start getting errors when I try to install updates or programs. For instance, when I try to install SP2, I get the error:

    "Setup could not verify the integrity of the file Update.inf. Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer."

    I have also noticed that all the certificates seem to be broken. They all say "A system-level error occurred while verifying trust." . I'm seeing this in IE -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates.

    I mention the certificates because I noticed something interesting. I hooked it back up to the production LAN and rebooted and everything was working again with installs and the certificates appeared good again.

    In short, something is broken when it cannot contact the production server but I'm not sure what it could be. Group policy? Something else?

    Any ideas? I've already ran through all the steps on this page to no avail:

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    Re: Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

    First of all, if Jeff M can't help you, i would be very wary of any advice given here.
    Which SP2 are you trying to install? Windows Server 2003? If so, i would install it BEFORE I joined the server to the domain.
    Finally, after you join the temp server to the domain and are then ready to move it offline/offsite, and having detached the server from the original domain, have to seized all the FSMO roles before trying to install anything new?

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      Re: Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

      I know if Jeff couldn't help, it's probably not getting resolved but I figured I'd give it a shot - can't hurt. It is SP2 for Windows 2003 server, correct - however, I can't install any updates or programs that have an actual installation process. I have installed all of the updates that I can before I reboot and take the server offline but there is still the issue of Exchange and Exchange SP2 which I can't install until later (at that point, I won't be able to attach it back to the production LAN without crippling my production environment). Jeff has suggested that I migrate Exchange manually but I wanted to avoid that if possible. Looks like I'll be migrating Exchange manually. Also, I've tried installing programs before and after seizing FSMO roles - once it is disconnected from the production LAN, I can't install anything at any point.
      The other odd thing I noticed is that I don't get any of the Administrator's desktop icons and can't access the desktop at all when not connected to the LAN. Not sure if that's normal behavior or not.
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        Re: Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

        Turns out that the problem seems to be that my production server's folder redirection policy included the Application Data folder which is where the public and private keys/certificates are. When I disconnect, it can't access them and certain programs won't install.


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          Re: Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

          Anyone know the ramifications if I were to stop the folder redirection on the production server for the application data folder? Would that have any adverse affects on the clients?


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            Re: Swing migration - SBS 2003 -> SBS 2011

            I've disabled the folder redirection GPO for the domain administrator group and started the swing migration over. So far, it is behaving much better! Still haven't got to the installation portion but I have high hopes since everything else is working so much better.