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Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

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  • Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

    But almost always on Friday at 7:00AM -

    I am all voice and not much data, but I have been tasked with the day to day on the SBS2008 and Exchange. Please do not ask, long story.

    But, it seems every Friday and usually in the morning, like clockwork, we will stop processing incoming (from outside our network), and outgoing (to outside our network) emails. All internal emails work just fine.

    I have looked at the hard drive space on the C drive and we have 33.4 GB free and 113 GB used. I am assuming that is enough space, but I am open to any advice here.

    I have found that if I gracefully shut down and restart the server the Exchange will begin sending emails that were recevied from outside the network. It seems to be queuing the messages somewhere and when Exchange starts, it just dumps them into your inbox.

    Any assistance on where I could start looking would be great. I have looked through the Event Viewer and I can't see anything in Applications/System that would indicate an issue with Exchange, but again, I am a voice tech and not a data tech and may not know what I am looking for.

    I have been scouring Google, which is good for finding answers, but I am stumped here as I have tried everything and nothing seems to work, outside of a system restart.

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    Re: Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

    Two things:
    1) check the AV and see if it's doing a scan at that time. If so then change it to some off hours time and/or configure the settings so that it doesn't take up the resources.
    2) Go thought the event logs thoroughly and see what events are logged at and leading up to the point that the server has issues. There could be something you missed like Exchange back-pressure kicking in.

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      Re: Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

      The next time it happens check for stopped services. As previously mentioned, you need to thoroughly check through the event logs looking for Exchange errors.

      Check for any scheduled tasks that are run on Friday 07:00.

      If you get no where with the above then I would run the Exchange Best Practice Analyser found in the Exchange Management Console under toolbox. I would also run the fix my network wizard in the SBS Console to check for errors.



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        Re: Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

        I will go through and check the events. The good thing is, I can bet that it will happen again this Friday around 7AM. The only thing I can see right off is the first backup of the day happens at 6AM, but that always seems to be successful. I will let you know what I find.


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          Re: Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

          Just in case... Does your internet also go down? The fact that you restart the server could clear enough time for the internet to come back up which makes it appear the restart fixes the issue. We had an issue with our internet going down every Friday which was the result of our alarm system on the same line.

          Worth a look.



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            Re: Exchange 2007 - No incoming emails - intermittent

            Is the backup using the server C: for temp storage or as a working directory? If the disk space is getting low during the backup it could be an Exchange Back Pressure issue. I'd be surprised if it only happened once a week in that case, but it depends on your backup regime.
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