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  • sbs backup woes

    Go the descriptive title..

    i have an SBS 2008 server. Backups have been failing for 4-5 days now.
    Reporting various different issues, including catastrophic error, the backup has failed before it began, consistency check failed for exchange.

    I've currently got exchange running on circular logging to try and prevent the disk from filling up. (I've also moved them to another disk)

    after it started complaining about exchange, I took the store offline, ran eseutil /k on both priv and public stores - DB and logs, and found no problems.
    so now I've got it back online trying to do a Full type backup (specifically configured performance options in wbadmin to do full-type) and it's still failing even with circular logging enabled.

    now, every time i try and run the backup, when it gets to consistency check on exchange, the whole system grinds to a halt.

    the backup volume is close to full, however I'm hesitant to wipe it and start again in case I lose the only roll-back position I've got.

    I've also tried another script I found here

    as well as turning it off and on again, sevearl times :P

    Would highly, highly value some feedback..
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    Re: sbs backup woes

    ... using just inbuilt windows backup if it helps

    vssadmin list shadows reports a whole bunch of shadows, however vssadmin delete shadows /all reports "nothing matches" and attempting to delete a specific shadow based on it's ID also fails
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      Re: sbs backup woes

      Are you backing up to the same drive(s) as before? Can you try using a new HDD and start a new backup chain?

      Can you run a manual full backup to another hard drive? From the command line you should be able to specify a UNC path if you have a NAS with space available.

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