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EVENT ID5 kerberos time error

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  • EVENT ID5 kerberos time error

    see screenshot. We have an SBS2008 server and a few months back I put a Server 2008 R2 on our system to run a specific application for our business. This Server 2008 R2 is running in a virtual environment via Fusion (VMware) on a Mac Mini Server.

    In the last few weeks 've seen this error talking about kerberos and time sync between the virtualized server and our SBS 2008 although when I look at the times they are spot on to the minute.

    I think I should be assuming the virtual system is to blame but do I really have a concern here? Note that the new virtualized server IS NOT an AD/DNS's just a stand alone server on the domain doing some work.

    Any thoughts? I've seen posts on CMD NET TIME and as stated everything appears to be sync'd.