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Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

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  • Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

    I realise this crosses a few forum topics but this seemed to be the best place for it.

    At the minute we have a very sick sbs2003 server. Although there aren't many users Exchange is at its limits and, despite numerous attempts to fix, VSS does not want to play nicely so backups are painful.

    So it seemed like a good time to upgrade.

    We now have a brand new server running 2008 enterprise, a truckload of fibre attached storage, a decent sized tape enclosure and a suitable switch to connect it all together.

    The plan is to run a virtual 2008 server with exchange, about 500GB of separate data, and a few other minor apps, but there are some complications.

    Although I physically have everything here I'm not going to be able to implement anything other than the server itself for the time being due to space restrictions. We're due to move in a few months when I can put it all in a nice big rack. But in the meantime I need to get the SBS server decomissioned before it falls over.

    So on to the big plan:

    Fire up the new server (I plan to leave it out of the domain), create a virtual server, transfer all the data, exchange, roles etc to it so in essence we just have a recreation of what we currently have now but running on a virtual server on the new box.
    Then we move, I hook up the storage and transfer the virtual to that.
    It sounds simple but I have a few worries.

    What will the network performance of the virtual server be like before I transfer it? We tend to move some very large cad files around on the network and I'm not going to be popular by slowing things up.
    With the problems with VSS, I can't back up the system state for example, am I likely to encounter problems transferring roles to the new server? Or running AdPrep on SBS? Does anything involved in the transfer rely on VSS?

    Am I going about this the right way? Anything I've missed? I'd be grateful for any comments or ideas.

    At this stage all I have is the physical server up and running, and a virtual server installed and currently updating. I haven't installed exchange or indeed anything yet. I'll leave that for a weekend when I'll have more time to deal with any issues.

    /edit: Just reading about passthrough disks. Probably better if I configure one for the exchange database and the network files and then only move that onto the fibre storage?
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    Re: Sanity check

    Please update the Thread title with a more appropriate description. Also, appears to me that the Primary issue you have is with SBS 2003 that you are migrating to a new Virtual Server, so therefore, I feel would be best places in the SBS forum. Please change the title and confirm that I am correct with regards to SBS and I'll then move this to the SBS forum. Thanks.


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      Re: Sanity check

      Title amended as requested. I'll leave it to you as to where you think it's best placed as it does span several topics.


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        Re: Sanity check

        Thread title updated -- will leave the move until a good location becomes obvious
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          Re: Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

          Have moved to the SBS 2008 forum and hopefully will give you a response you are looking for.


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            Re: Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

            I can see it's not terribly clear but I'm not migrating to SBS2008 but to the full fat 2008 server.


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              Re: Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

              Update: adprep ran ok, DHCP and DNS now running in the virtual server with no problems other than the initial errors logged when it complained that there was no GC, which is now synced. I'll back up exchange tomorrow night in preparation of it being installed and the data carted across over the weekend.
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                Re: Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

                Sorry, mis-read the post. Have now moved to SBS 2003 Forum, so should you require further assistance, is probably the best one for it to be in.


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                  Re: Sanity check on migrating from sbs2003 to 2008r2

                  No worries, I think this thread is doing a tour.

                  Well on my way down the road now. All mailboxes are now over into the virtual server. Only 1 corrupt email in over 70GB. Nice to see no-one even noticed when they logged in. Touch wood it's been fairly painless so far.